After a quick rise through the ranks Panama City Katana are making the step up to the Pro division in the NXL.

PC Katana started their national paintball journey in 2012.  The team played a couple of division two PSP tournaments ,until they moved down to division three for the remainder of 2012. The team stayed in division 3 until 2014, where they were a middle of the pack team until they moved to semi-pro.

Oddly PC Katana was never a good paintball team, until they started playing Semi-pro. Katana were always in the middle of the pack in Division 2. Katana had a lot of 10th+ places finished and even some 20th places. As soon as they moved to Semi-pro they competed with a 7th, 4th, 2nd, 1st and 2nd. In 2016 Katana finished ranked 1st overall. Whatever it was, the move to the Semi-pro bracket brought the best out in the team.

The last team to finish 1st in the semi-pro division was Portland Uprising. Uprising  went Pro in 2016 and they finished in 13th place out of the 16 pro teams. The Pro division is much harder than semi-pro. Uprising is a perfect example of this, they were dominate in there last year in semi-pro, now they are just another bad pro team.

Sometimes I feel that it may be better for the semi-pro teams to stay another year in their division, it gives the team more experience and develop the skills needed to compete in the pro division. Maybe Katana should have stayed another year in semi-pro…..


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