As with every paintball off season moves are made. We already reported on the re-addition of Ronnie Dizon to Heat, and now the team has added two AC Dallas players.

Houston Heat just added Nico Hyde and Devon Stuart to their roster for the 2017 season. Hyde and Stuart are two of three players to leave AC Dallas thus far, the third being Clint Johnson with his move to X-Factor. AC Dallas have been absolutely gutted this off season, it is sad to see and they team were quickly on the rise. I don’t blame the players though, it is hard to turn down some of the deals that they are offered.

Heat have also lost long time star player Greg Siewers. Siewers’ was consistently one of Heat’s stronger players and one of its harder works. Siewers is a great player and great dude and we can’t wait to see where he ends up.

2017 Houston Heat Roster

  • Chad Bouchez
  • Ronnie Dizon
  • Konstantin Fedorov
  • Chad George
  • Nico Hyde
  • Mishka Kniazev
  • Sam Monville
  • Ryan Moorhead
  • Sergey Solnishkov
  • Devon Stuart
  • Ryan Smith – Coach

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