Clint Johnson formally of AC Dallas has joined San Antonio X-Factor.

Johnson’s departure from AC is a let down. There is no question that Johnson was a big part of AC Dallas’s recent success. AC is one of the most exciting teams in the NXL. AC Dallas are the only new team in a decade that have even come close to dethroning the likes of Dynasty, Impact and Heat. Even with the lose of Johnson I still have full faith in the team and expect to see them on the podium this coming season.

X-Factor on the other had have the same problem, that Houston Heat have to many players. Johnson is primarily a snake attacker, something that X-Factor have plenty of: Kovar, Ward and Bernacchia are all primarily snake players. I just can’t see Johnson playing over Kovar or Bernacchia. X-Factor have brought on two new players for 2017 (Johnson and Woodley), that would put their roster at 13. The NXL rules only allow 12 players on a roster….so someone has to go…..