After spending two seasons with Chicago Aftershock, Dizon has left the team and will be rejoining Houston Heat.

Houston Heat was the first team that Dizon played pro with and was one of the original reformation members. Dizon spent three years with Heat until he left for his hometown team of Aftershock. Dizon’s move to Aftershock was not a shock (pun intended), it was was a team he had dreamed of playing for since he was a kid and it was local.

The move back to Heat is a little perplexing, with Dizon being an attacker on either the snake or dorito side, I’m not sure how Dizon will fit on the team. As the roster stands right now Heat have: Greg Siewers, Chad George, Ryan Moorhead, Konstantin Fedorov, and oddly more recently Sergey Solnyshkov all playing front attack positions. I honestly can’t see Dizon getting points over any of the current Heat front players. The only way Dizon fits on the roster is if a player or players are leaving……


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