The Planet Eclipse LVR, or the little brother of the CSR.

The LVR just like the CSR is a fancier version on the gun it is based off of. The CSR being the CS1 and the LVR being the LV1.1.

The LVR uses the same internals as the LV1.1, so expect the same shot quality. The LVR also includes Planet Eclipse’s new Shaft FL barrel kit. In a partnership with Deadlywind, the Shaft FL is an extreme lightweight barrel made from aluminum and carbon fiber. The LVR will ship with three barrel back in total a .681, .685, .689 and a barrel tip that make the barrel 14.5in in total length.

The LVR has also shed a little weight and by a little I mean a little. The LVR weights 40 grams less than the LV1, or 3% less. Yeah not much but less is more right?

While the CSR is selling for a crazy $1795.95 is selling for a low $1199.95. Look for it to hit stores in the nest few weeks!

the LVR will release in 5 colors:

  • Midnight (Black)
  • Light Trooper (Silver/Black)
  • Green Shadows (Green/Black)
  • Red Shadows (Red/Black)
  • Blue Shadows (Blue/Black)



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