After leaving Aftershock Jon Woodley has found a new home on San Antonio X-Factor.

After rejoining Aftershock in 2016, Woodley quickly proved himself to be one of the best center players in the game. While X-Factor have been at the top on the league for awhile they have been missing a strong center position and Woodley should have able to fill that void nicely.

If I were coach Ryan Brand I would start Woodley the majority of the points, if the Wall is in play.

After Reaser’s collision at the Wall, the NXL did say they would looking into the Wall bunker. At the NXL World Cup they added small cakes on each side to stop players running around and colliding. It seems possible that they could eliminate the bunker completely or change it so much, that Woodley’s play style would not benefit the team as much. For example if they league went back to a bunker that was similar to the A used by the PSP, we would see a dramatic drop off in Woodley’s playing time.



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