Inception Designs have just stepped up there game again!

Inception Designs have always made very high quality niche parts and now they are branching out more into a space in the market that is in desperate need of attention, the Autococker parts world.

Exalt Paintball Carbon Series Marker...
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Exalt Paintball Carbon Series Marker...
  • Padded, water resistant exterior prevents incidental damage to your marker in storage
  • Microfiber interior absorbs any residual moisture and prevents scratches
  • Fold-flat construction allows use of bag as a work surface to keep oil and paint from making a mess

You new players that are under the age of 20, you may not even know what an Autococker is! Autocockers are legend, they were some of the first high-end tournament paintball guns. Cockers have massively fallen out of popularity with the main stream paintball fan, but they have a cult following among us old timers and tinkerers. Finding Autococker parts over the past decade has been a difficult task, you had to buy used parts off eBay or scourer the deepest recesses of PBNation, to find that single part to finish your build.

Inception Designs are helping fill the void that have been there for the past decade. You can now by rams, 3-ways, frame, front blocks, body and almost everything you need to fix up your Autococker.

The GTR ram isn’t just a replacement, it has some nifty features that probably make it better than the ram you have now. The GTR ram has a 44% larger ram shaft surface area, this helps reduce the amount of pressure the ram requires to operate. The lower pressure should help guns shoot smoother, quieter and make them easier on paint. The ram is also rebuildable, uses standard 10-32 barbs and a host of other features.

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