In just over two week the Millennium Series has decided not to go ahead with the Challengers and Champions division in the CPL.

This is what was going to happen – The Challengers division will work like this: The first event the Mediterranean Cup, 20 teams will play in the CPL. There will be 4 brackets of 5 teams each, each team will play 4 matches. At the end of the event the top 10 teams will stay in the CPL and the rest will be relegated to the CPL Challenger division. At the end of the 2nd event the top two teams from CPL Challengers will move to the CPL and the bottom two of the CPL will move to CPL Challengers.

Looks like some of the CPL teams were scared of the idea of being placed in the lower tier professional division.

the MS had this to say:

After much constructive feed back and discussion from many CPL teams and other interested parties the Millennium has decide to not introduce the Challenger system for the 2017 season.”

The CPL division will be increase the number of teams in the division to 20. The CPL will run 4 brackets with 5 teams each.


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