Valken first Introduced us to the Valken Agility line in the summer of 2014 with the Agility elbow pads, knee pads and slider shorts. Now nearly two years later they are adding to the line up with the Agility Phantom pants, Agility Phantom jersey and Agility jersey.

The Agility Phantom pants are like many of the pants that have been released over the past week, minimal and light-weight. While I like the light-weight movement, the pants are quite boring. Retail is $149.95

Opinion: Valken has nearly copied Empire’s F7 Contact Zero pants, they are very similar. I can’t just call out Valken and say that they did it intentionally as Empire’s pants were only released a few days ago. It is kind of odd how Valken hired some formers Empire employees (who shall remain nameless) a few months ago and now they have a pair of pants that look very similar to the F7 pants….

The Agility Phantom jersey, just as the name would suggest is minimal and light-weight jersey. The Phantom jersey has no forearm or shoulder padding and is NCPPA approved. Abrasion resistant fabric covers the stomach and forearms. The Phantom jersey will sell for $129.95 but includes customization and artwork prep.

The Agility jersey is more of a typical paintball jersey, it is a bit heavier and has padding on the forearms and shoulders. Retail is $99.95


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