Well this looks oddly like the Empire Mini GS. Valken have been making a harder push lately, into the mid-level tournament paintball market. Valken rolled out their VPC program, are coming out with the Valken Switch Loader and now they’re introducing the Code.

This is not Valken’s first attempt at a mid-level paintball gun. Valken also has the Valken Proton. The Proton is very odd, it was shaped funny, has a weird power button, wasn’t built the best and was just funky. Hopefully the Code will be a bit more user-friendly and have a bit higher build quality than the Proton does. No word yet if the Proton will be discontinued.

At the price of $249.95 Valken is going to be competing directly with the Empire Mini GS and Proto Rize. From the looks of it the Mini GS and Rize both look superior, Valken has just yet to create a product that seem worth the money. In every category another company makes a product that is better at the same price. Maybe the Code will be different, maybe……

Valken Code Paintball GUn


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