The HK Army HSTL line is a mid-level priced jersey, pant and elbow pad. Absolutely love this. There are not enough competitively priced paintball pants and jerseys on the market. There is the Empire Prevail line and Exalt T4 pants but that is about it.

HSTL Pants – Will sell for $100, super good deal, as long as the quality is there. From the pictures they look like a lesser version of the Hardline pants.

HSTL Jersey – HK says the jersey is still a mid-level jersey but will sell for $65. A little steep when the pants are only $100. Comparatively to other jerseys in the $60ish price range, the HSTL jersey does look to have more padding and hand protection.

HSTL Elbow Pads – Only $40, that seems like a steal in a market where most elbow pads are $60+. HK Army do have Exalt to compete with though as they just released their T3 elbow pads a few weeks ago for $40.

HTSL gear will start shipping in a few weeks.


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