These look amazing, much better looking than the standard CSR colors. The Fade CSRs will come in three color: Sunset Fade, Tokyo Fade and Gunsmoke Fade. The LE Fade CSR will be “limited” to 51 each and retail for a mind bending $1945.00.

I’m not sure what to even make of this….Planet Eclipse is making a limited edition of a limited edition gun. But then again I’m not sure we are even calling the CSR limited anymore.

The CSR was supposed to be limited to 1,000 guns, but then it got bumped up to 1,300 and I imagine at this point it will go far beyond 1300. If we look back at the GSL, it was very hard to get, pro players were buying them. Virtually every pro team that shoots Planet Eclipse guns has gotten their hands on a CSR, that at least 100 guns right there.


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