It seems like strapless is the new thing! We now have HK Army, Bunker Kings, Carbon and GI Sportz all making a variation of a strapless harness.

The GI Race 2.0 harness has been a long time coming, the original Race harness had been in production for years with only minor changes. The new version of the Race harness features an all new strapless design with “Variable Pod Pocket Expandability”. From the looks of it the harness has two tabs on each side of the pod pockets that can be tightened and velcroed down. Having the ability to adjust the diameter of the pod pocket is great as it allows a better fit for standard 140 pods or the larger Dye Lock Lids.

Not sure what the colors though, kind of odd that they choose tiger stripe for all the color choices.

The Race 2.0 will come in a 3+6 and 4+7 and there is no ship date or price yet.


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