Exalt Rebuildable Barrel Maids


If you are that guy that is always breaking stuff you are in luck! (If you use barrel maids). Exalt just released a rebuildable barrel maid, you can buy the connector, buffer and rocket disc.

  • Connector – $3.95
  • Buffer – $5.95
  • Rocket Disc – $5.95

I guess this is cool. I’m not sure how many people actually break barrel maids though, it seems that that best stolen or misplaced more often. I have broken a swab and it would have been cheaper to buy the parts to fix it, but a complete barrel maid is only $13. I really can’t see myself ever buying parts, ill just buy a complete one.

It would be fun to mix and match colors, but at this point Exalt will only be selling the parts in grey and lime.

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