A marker bag to end all other marker bags? Possibly.

I love Exalt. They are one of the only innovative companies left in paintball. Exalt make high-quality, unique products at very competitive prices. (not an Exalt ad). I just really like them, OK.

The newest addition to the Exalt case/bag line up is the Marker Bag. It’s nothing amazing, actually it looks scarily similar to the GI Sportz gun bags. Well really it looks nearly identical, just constructed a bit different. This might upset GI Sportz but makes me happy. I like the GI gun bags but they could be a bit more durable. The GI bags are made well, but use neoprene everywhere and are not very sturdy. The Exalt marker bag uses the same rigid construction as their barrel and tank cases. The rigid construction means I can drop the bag and not worry about bending or breaking something! Always a plus, I’m very hard on everything……

Hitting stores soon at $27.95.

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