The Vanquish GT, the Vanquish GT is the second variation on the Vanquish 2.0 body and the third Vanquish to be released.

The point of the Vanquish GT is to include the new Vanquish V16 bolt. Empire says the new bolt: improved air efficiency, is lower maintenance and eliminates bolt stock. The only changes to the GT are the new bolt. 

Empire Vanquish GT Paintball Gun Marker w/ V16 Engine 2017 Colorways (ACID)
  • Vanquish V16 Drive Train Pressure balanced Spool Valve firing engine creates an incredibly soft shot with little kick
  • Precision pressure sensor for onscreen pressure readout - No external gauge needed
  • The Driver XX barrel features a 7.5" control bore with four backs (.682, .685, .688, .691)
  • All adjustments and maintenance require only the 3/32" Hex wrench
  • Push button Bolt removal and hinged Frame for quick maintenance

While the Vanquish has always been very similar to the Luxe, it takes it a step further with the Vanquish GT and it looks like they have made the can resemble the Luxe even more.

At launch the Vanquish GT will come in four colors:

    • Lead (Black/Grey)
    • Raider (Blue/Teal)
    • Acid (Grey/Lime)
  • Desert Fire (Tan/Maroon)

UPDATE: 11-3-16

The Vanquish V16 drivetrain will be sold separately for $199.95 and will fit the Vanquish 2.0.

empire-vanquish-gt-a empire-vanquish-gt

5 Responses

      • Brad Johnson

        I’m pretty sure it’s just to be competitive with other guns. Empire knows that competing against companies like Planet Eclipse is hard, so they lowered the price to be more competitive.

  1. Reggie

    Been looking all over the net and do not see anymore info on when the GT’so will be available.
    Per your pics, some new colors are coming out.
    Can you expand on that?
    The only color interested in is the “lead” .
    Was hoping Empire would open the field on the colors offering.
    Thank you in advance you any input.

    • Brad Johnson

      Pretty sure Empire is going to stick with the four colors, last I heard they expected them Mid June 🙁 Pretty far off for a gun that was announced months ago


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