millennium-series-logo-smallThe Millennium series is switching to a tournament by tournament relegation system.

The Challengers division will work like this: The first event the Mediterranean Cup, 20 teams will play in the CPL. There will be 4 brackets of 5 teams each, each team will play 4 matches. At the end of the event the top 10 teams will stay in the CPL and the rest will be relegated to the CPL Challenger division. At the end of the 2nd event the top two teams from CPL Challengers will move to the CPL and the bottom two of the CPL will move to CPL Challengers.

I have always been a fan of the Challengers/Relegation system and it is great to see it back! It makes matches and tournaments much more exciting, teams are fighting for their existent in the CPL/Pro division every tournament.