It took awhile but Valken finally announced, Valken VPC (Valken Player Choice) sponsorship program.

VPC is a sponsorship system created for players and teams that want choice.

What makes our packages better than some of the other competing programs out there you ask? The “Valken Player’s Choice Program” allows your team to mix and match products to fully customize your sponsorship with the paintball products that YOU want.

What makes the VPC program different from other companies programs, is that you get choice. Your team or each player on the team will have the choice to shoot or wear whatever they wont!

At this point Valken, Virtue, Dye, DLX, SP and Planet Eclipse are all on board. That gives you the option to use an M2, CS1, Luxe ICE or Shocker RSX.

There are going to be six different sponsorship levels. Factory, Pro, Advanced, Standard, Tango and Kilo (look below for full breakdown).

valken paintball sponsorship





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