The showdown in the sunshine state is about to get under way! Now that the layout is out, teams will start to put in the extra work that is needed to win the NXL World Cup.

It looks like after the Trevor Resar’s incident, the NXL has changed the layout a bit to limit collisions at the W. The layout features a mini cake on each side of the Wall. The cakes should make it much harder for player to make contact with each other if they decide to come around and bunker each other. It is a clever use of the mini cakes as it will stop collisions but shouldn’t really effect anything else. The bunkers are small enough and far enough up the field that they shouldn’t get in the way of any lanes and would be very difficult to play.

Tom Cole said they would change the layout to improve safety and they did it. I was really hoping for and upside down W though 🙁


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