The PBRML Spire III Review!

What happened to the Spire II? I don’t know.

More details have emerged on the Spire III from Virtue.

The Spire III will still use the same basic design that the original Spire used. From reading the new features the loader looks to be a big improvement over the original.

New Features:

  • LED Reload Indicator – A built in spring ramp helps the loader know when it is low on paintballs.
  • 230 Round Capacity – Lower drive assembly allows for higher capacity.
  • Hinge Disassembly – Quicker and even faster disassembly.
  • Replaceable Drive Fingers – Quick, faster and hopefully cheaper finger replacement.
  • Magnetic Drive Attachment – Drive now slides in smoother and is held in place by magnets.
  • Wireless Programing – Program your loader wirelessly. IE update firmware.
  • Crown SF II – Redesigned Crown SF and attachments points.

Overall the loader looks like it will be a big improvement, and we really look forward to getting a review up soon!

UPDATE: 10-12-16

Virtue has released pictures of the new drive cone and how the new Spire will disassemble. From the looks of it, Virtue has made the Spire III much more durable than the previous model.

UPDATE: 10-17-16

Today Virtue released all the details on the Spire III, not new or major yet. The loader is set to start shipping at the end of October and will launch at an introductory price of $199.95 – $219.95. $199.95 will be for solid color and graphic colors will bump the price up to $219.95. The key here is “introductory price” we are guessing that after the first few months the price will jump up to $250ish.

Virtue Spire III Gallery


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