The GI Sportz LVL hopper will retail $154.95 and come in four colors: black with red, lime, grey, or white accents. The new hopper will be available at retailers starting in late October. If you are lucky enough to be attending the NXL World Cup, I bet you can try and snag one, as they will be showing the loader off at the tournament.

Love the price point, the industry has been missing a mid-rangish hopper for a long time. As it is right now pricing goes from $75 to $165, with nothing in the middle. Having a hopper that is a bit less expensive than its competitors is refreshing. An added bonus is the LVL coming with a speedfeed, something almost everyone buys for an additional $25+.

Im still very skeptical of the LVL. The LVL is nearly a direct copy of the Machine Gear, likely one of the worst paintball products I have ever had the pleasure of using. The Gear: turned off randomly, was loud, didn’t feed consistent and was made poorly. Most of the Gear’s problems, were presumably due it’s very cheap and poor build quality. Hopefully GI Sportz taking over the loader improves the quality and functionality.


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