A new JT ProFlex is on the horizon. The JT ProFlex in it’s current form has been around for nearly 15 yeas (minus a few ear changes).

JT has used the same goggle frame, lenses and lower for a very long time. Typically in the paintball goggle space products have a lifespan of around 4 years. With something new and improved always on the horizon.

With superior masks like the Dye I4, and V-Force Grill the ProFlex sales have suffered. In about 2009ish, in an effort to boost sales JT and Empire created the Empire E-Flex. The E-Flex takes the bottom of the JT ProFlex and the much better lens system of the Empire Vents. The E-Flex is a modernized mask, it has better ears and lens removal is much easier, making it more on par with today high-end masks.

With the release of the Empire EVS, the E-Flex will likely be discontinued. Empire has yet to say if they will completely stop production on the E-Flex, but they have reduced the color option to black only. With the new ProFlex hitting the market, it would make sense that the E-Flex production is stopped; thus the new ProFlex is born to fill the void left by the E-Flex.

The new ProFlex will come with a revised version of the original bottoms, the new mask will still be flexible and extremely breathable. We have also been told that a new lens retention system will be used, the new system will use the same Spectra lens found in the current ProFlex, but the goggle frame will be different. The new lens retention system will very likely be the same one that is used on JT’s lower end goggle the Premise. The Premise goggle uses a quick-change lens system, that opens like a clamshell making lens changes much easier and quicker. As far as price goes, there isn’t one. ProFlex 3.0 will should stay at the same $90 price that it is now and should be priced to compete directly with the Virtue VIO Ascend.

We may see a few sneak peaks of the mask at World Cup next month, but no firm release date has been set.

I for one love the ProFlex, but hate changing the lens. About two years ago I upgraded to the Empire E-Flex simply because I hated changing the lens on my ProFlex….From our new paintball overloads I welcome a new JT mask!


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