Is that time of year, the time of year that sends home the two worst CPL teams and sends up the two best SPL teams to take their place.

Relegated to the SPL:

  • London Nexus
  • Ground Kontrol Paris

Promoted to the CPL:

  • Russian Legion Moscow
  • Red Storm Moscow

This will be the first time that London Nexus has not played in the pro division since the team began so many years ago. It will also be the first time that the Russian Legion and Red Storm have reached the CPL.

An interesting question to pounder. Will Alexander Berdnikov, play for Russian Legion in the Millennium and the NXL? Berdnikov currently plays for Russian Legion in the NXL and in 2016 played the Millennium series with the TonTons. Will he make the move, probably.

Russian Legion and Red Storm are both very good, they should be able to make the adjustment to the CPL easily and will likely fight for finals positions every tournament.


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