A few days ago at the Millennium World Championships, a some pictures of mysterious new Tippmann mag-fed gun surfaced. The photos of the gun were not supposed to be shown to the public, but here we are. It looks like someone snuck back stage and took some pictures of the new gun and then they found there way to the internet.

What we know:

  • Tippmann 98/Cronus Internals
  • 20 Round Magazines
  • Hopper or magazine fed
  • Will NOT take First Strike
  • A5 Barrel Threaded
  • Using Tippmann own proprietary magazines
  • $199.95 Price Tag

At this point there is no firm launch date, it’s assumed that Tippmann would want to hit the holiday buying season so look for it in a month or so. The Tippmann TMC is a weird move by, GI Sportz (Tippmann’s parent company) as they own Spyder as well and manufacturer the Spyder MR6 a mag-fed gun that sells for $169.95.

The Tippmann TMC Review: Budget Goodness


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