Update: 07-10-02 – The CSR is pretty old now, check out Planet Eclipses latest gun the CS2.

Hello, CSR. Just as we (and most everyone else) expected the Planet Eclipse CSR, is a special edition CS1.

The Planet Eclipse CSR is a heavily modified version of the CS1, the trigger frame, body, POPS on/off, trigger, eye covers and barrel is all unique to the CSR. At first glance the gun looks like a much more slimmed down than the CS1 and thats exactly what it is. Overall Planet Eclipse has managed to shave off over 3.5oz (100 grams) to the overall weight.

The CSR also showcases Planet Eclipse’s new Shaft FL barrel. In a partnership with Deadlywind, the Shaft FL is an extreme lightweight barrel made from aluminum and carbon fiber. The GSR will ship with three barrel back in total a .681, .685, .689 and a barrel tip that make the barrel 14.5in in total length.

The CSR will retail for $1795.00, that’s a lot. If you think about it though you get two additional barrel backs, if you were to buy a CS1 and get two Shaft 5 barrel backs thats another $112 and just $86 short of the GSR price. So while expensive you are getting something for your money.

Overall the guns design is very subdued in comparison over special edition Planet Eclipse guns. When the GSL came out the milling was much more elaborate and striking. It looks like Planet Eclipse have heard the complaints about the CS1 being a bit heavy and tried to make the GSR as slimmed down as possible. Making the GSR as light as possible also means no fancy milling, but bare bones and simple.

The barrel is killed, that’s my favorite piece about the whole gun. Not a huge fan of the rubber sleeve of the barrel back, but I love Deadlywind products and I’m really happy the two companies are working together.

As of now there is no info on availability or if the CSR will be limited, we should know all the details later today after we talk to Planet Eclipse.

Planet Eclipse CSR Image Gallery


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