No Dye didn’t just come out with a new gun, they just updated the software to make it compatible with the new e.Voke ear piece. The M2 MOSAir will keep the same body, bolt, solenoid, barrel ect.

The MOSAir software primary purpose is communicate with the e.Voke system, but along with that Dye has also added:

  • Wireless Charging
  • Power Off Double Tap Option
  • Shot Tracker
  • New Outlaw Firing Mode
  • High Contrast Play Screens – White or black backgrounds
  • New Tournament Style Play Screen
  • Store Three Boot Screens
  • Improved Systems Check Screen
  • Service System Disable Feature

Pricing will remain the same as current M2’s, $1595.00 for standard colors, prints and fades will be $1695.00

Essentially it is the same gun with a new board. I’ll likely talk more about this tomorrow. It is late and I have no idea why Dye decided to break this news at nearly midnight…..