It’s here, just as Dye promised. TheeVoke is the news, so let’s cover that first.

What is theeVoke? The eVoke is an ear piece that when connected to your M2 MOSAir (more on this in another post) will tell you in-game information and help you run drills. In-game information will be: game timer, shot count and g-count by tapping a button (I’m guessing on the unit itself, on the inside of your mask? odd). In the future the R2 will also be able to communicate to theeVoke.

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The best and worst thing about the new I5 is the increased size, the I5 will be 20% larger than the I4. There are players that loved the small profile and there are those that hated it, I for one was the latter. It is likely the increase is size will also increase ventilation, my biggest complaint about the I4 was the ventilation. Hopefully the I5 will solve this problem.

There is also the new goggle strap, the GSR Pro-Strap. Dye has gotten rid of the sliding adjusters that have been found on virtually every paintball mask ever. The new system uses a dial to adjust the tension on the strap, micro adjustments can be made to get the perfect fit. Gimmick? Yes. I couldn’t ever really tell you when the last time I adjusted my goggle strap, I seem to set it and never change it. Adjusting a strap is also something that I can do really quick, but with two hands, maybe the the GSR strap is one had adjustable? I guess that’s cool.

ohh did I mention it is $179.95? $179.95 without eVoke, $349.90 with eVoke.

The I5 mask and eVoke will start shipping in late October.

Features, changes and highlights:

  • 20% larger
  • Same lens as the I4
  • Quick release foam
  • POV camera mount
  • New lens release system
  • New goggle frame foam
  • New Soft-ears (or as Dye would say “Sound Catch Ears”)
  • GSR dial adjustable goggle strap
  • eVoke compatible


  • I5 – $179.95
  • eVoke – $169.95
  • eVoke wireless charger – $39.95

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