It has been made official, Gtek 160R.

Over on PBNation some interesting photos have emerged, of what looks to be a new version the Gtek. So soon though? It feels like the Gtek just came out? From the pictures we can tell this. In it’s current from we know this: It has the Shaft barrel that comes on the Etek 5 and Gtek, looks to be a bit longer that the current Gtek, has the same Gtek rubber foregrip, has what looks to be a on/off similar to the OOPS on/off that came on the Ego 7/8 and has an air tube like the LV1.1 and Geo 3.5. So is it a new gun? I have no idea, it does look like it. I can’t imagine Planet Eclipse coming out with another version so soon. I was also the guy that swore the the Geo 3.5 was not coming out….and it happened. Maybe someone is just playing a trick on us…

UPDATE: 8-25-16

Well it looks like I was wrong 🙁 Not that it’s surprising, my intuition is pretty bad. Next week will be opposite Nate day.

Planet Eclipse made the new Gtek official today. The new Gtek will be called the GTEK 160R, Planet Eclipse hasn’t said much but the gun will come with bolt system called the Gamma Core. Eclipse will release more official detail on September 1st so….stay tuned.

planet-eclipse-2017-paintball-gun planet-eclipse-2017-paintball-gun-1


Source: PBNation


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