About two weeks ago the rumors started hitting the internet about GI Sportz new hopper the LVL. The LVL Is GI Sportz most recent attempt a high-end paintball hopper, the LVL is coming on the heels of the utter failure of the Pulse RDR. The Pulse RDR never got off the ground, it was hard to get a hold of and was never manufactured in numbers that made it obtainable by the average player.

Yesterday we gave GI Sportz a ring to talk to them about the LVL. As many of you have speculated, it will be for sale at the NXL World Cup and shipping to dealers the week prior, making sure they have it in congestion with the release at the World Cup. As of now the loader is still in the prototype phase, there is no set software, battery terminals or paddle configuration (as the picture shows below). As you see it now in the hands of some of GI Sportz pro teams is mostly what it will look like. Pricing is also not set it stone but look for it to sell between $180-$210, on par with the rest of the high-end loaders. And, yes it pronounced LVL not level.

One thing that concerned me about the LVL, was the possible discontinuation of the Empire Z2. GI says the Z2 will remain in production, but will probably see a price drop in conjunction with the LVL release.


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