As the weather cools here in the Northern Hemisphere that means one thing to us paintball players….the end of the paintball season and with that comes the Millennium and NXL World Cups. Yeah, there are still two “World Cups”.

Here is the layout for the Millennium Series World Championship in Chantilly France

On a side note after the Trevor Resar fiasco the NXL put out the following statement “….We will be doing something different with the W for World Cup. We have already come up with some ideas on interesting ways to use the W and I also see some good ideas here. We will be reviewing the incident to come up with ideas to avoid this type of accident. Nothing is off the table when it comes to player safety. Post your ideas on this thread. I we will do what is best for paintball and the people who play it.”

interestingly though that the NXL has decided to look at different options for the W to increase player safety. While at this point the Millennium has decided to leave the W alone, and placed it in it’s typical position.


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