Indoor paintball, without indoor fields some of us would not be able to play paintball for a good portion of the year. Wether the weather is to hot or to cold, indoor paintball can help give you your paintball fix. In no specific order these are the top 5 indoor paintball fields in the US.

Paintball Explosion – Chicago, IL

paintball explosion indoor paintball field

Paintball Explosion may be the coolest paintball fields in America. Paintball Explosion offers a little bit of everything. But this is about their indoor paintball field. Paintball Explosion’s indoor field is on pro level artificial turf, and has no poles on the field! The indoor also boasts a huge air conditioner to keep you cool on the hot a humid Chicago days.

Total Combat Paintball – San Diego, CA


Total Combat Paintball is the newest, paintball field on our list. Total combat may be there only indoor paintball field in California even worth mentioning. With California’s temperate climate indoor paintball fields just are something that are needed, when its 55°f – 80°f year round and it barely rains there isn’t a need for indoor paintball! Total Combat Paintball caters to almost every type of paintball from birthday parties to tournament players.

CPX Sports Indoor – Chicago, IL

cpx indoor paintball field

Another amazing paintball field in the Chicago are is CPX, they have hosted the NPPL, PSP and Living Legends and are right up there with the best paintball fields. CPX’s indoor field opened late last year and it didn’t disappoint, the playing field is great. But while you wait you can play pool or video games! They also are open Wednesday thru Sunday.

Paintball Plex – Fort Wayne, IN

paintball plex indoor paintball fort wayne

Another mid-west indoor paintball field! Paintball Plex is the home of the TradeMyGun Outlaws and is also owned by The Paintball Plex indoor field is one of the best around, it has no poles, great turf and has a large air conditioner to keep you playing longer! There is also a very large staging area for gearing up for your next game.

Boston Paintball Chelsea- Boston, MA

Boston Paintball Indoor Paintball

Boston Paintball indoor is the best on the east coast! They are located just 6 miles from downtown Boston and easily have one of the best facilities in the US. Every year Boston Paintball holds the Boston Paintball Combine where they fly in players like Ryan Greenspan and Damian Ryan and host a 2 day clinic, this is a must attend event if you are in the area. You can also get your paintball fix 7 days a week!


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