Mediterranean Cup is just about ready to get underway. The venue is all setup teams are practicing and walking the layout. It looks like there will be a little bit of rain on Friday, but Saturday and Sunday look like the weather should be awesome. Make sure to catch all the action at



10:00 AM

ML Kings Prague vs Frankfurt Syndicate
Drammen Solid vs Scorpions Milano

11:00 AM

Toulouse TonTons vs Paris Camp Carnage
Grond Kontrol Paris vs Manchester Firm

12:00 PM

GI Houston Heat vs Breakout Spa
Outrage Valence vs London Nexus

1:30 PM

ML Kings Prague vs Drammen Solid
Frankfurt Syndicate vs Scorpions Milano

2:30 PM

Toulouse TonTons vs Grond Kontrol Paris
Paris Camp Carnage vs Manchester Firm

3:30 PM

Edmonton Impact vs Offenburg Comin’ At Ya
Polar Bears Tarko Sale vs PPArena Pilsen

4:30 PM

GI Houston Heat vs Outrage Valence
Breakout Spa vs London Nexus


9:20 AM

MLKings Prague vs Scorpions Milano
Frankfurt Syndicate vs Drammen Solid

10:20 AM

Toulouse TonTons vs Manchester Firm
Paris Camp Carnage vs Grond Kontrol Paris

12:40 PM

Edmonton Impact vs PPArena Pilsen
Polar Bears Tarko Sale vs Offenburg Comin’ At Ya

1:40 PM

GI Houston Heat vs London Nexus
Breakout Spa vs Outrage Valence



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