First let’s start this off my saying I HATE the idea of months subscriptions to anything. I hate paying my monthly phone bill, I hate paying my monthly internet bill, you get the idea. I wish that I could pay the whole year upfront or a usage fee every time I want to use it. How many of you have a Netflix or Amazon Prime account and never use it? I’m sure plenty of you, that the whole idea behind subscription fee, you get people to pay every month and hope they forget.

The same is said about the GoSports, people will forget they have signed up and keep paying. Let face it most of the people that sign up, sign up for one reason, the webcast.

Last year the NXL charged $15 for the webcast if you signed up early. The Millenium Series has never changed for theirs, all be it the NXL’s webcast was much higher quality.

If the NXL stuck with the old model for $15 per event it would cost you $75 a year, still a bargain for 120 hours of content. The main sticking point is it looks like this year the Millenium Series will be making you pay for the webcast as well old model, another $75.

So at $150 a year for both the NXL and Millenium the new model looks like a great option at only $96 a year. That is if you use and watch all the games and the extra content that GoSports will produce.

So in other words stop complaining about the $8/month and deal with it. I know for myself I will watch all the NXL matches, all the Millenium matches and all the extra content that GoSports produce. So $8/month is a steal.


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