Early last week it was reported that Bobby Aviles and LA Infamous had parted ways. Today Social Paintball reports that he has indeed landed with his former team, the Los Angeles Ironmen. Bobby grew up in the Los Angeles area, where he gained paintball notoriety playing with the San Diego Aftermath.

Aviles’ departure from Infamous may not have been solely his decision; in the past few weeks we have seen Infamous gutted. Goldman, Tempelton, and now Aviles have left the team. Goldman left for Impact, likely because they were going to pay the most. But the exits of Aviles and Templeton are somewhat surprising, since they have been with the team for a long time. We know for certain that GI Sportz has been tightening the purse strings on sponsorship and firing old KEE employees, since the merger. Has Infamous lost some funding? Was Aviles let go from KEE and in turn from Infamous? All these possibilities seem totally plausible.

We have reached out to Aviles, Tempelton, and GI Sportz for comment.


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