The MiLP 2016 season is almost underway. The first event in the two series will take place at Central Alabama Paintball Park, in Birmingham, Alabama from March 12th – 13th. Check below for the rest of the dates, entry and prize info.

The dates are as follows:
#1 April 2-3 CPX Sports – Joliet, IL
#2 June 4-5 Location TBD
#3 July 23-24 Location TBD
#4 September 10-11 Location TBD

MiLP Southeast Series Dates:
#1 March 12-13 Birmingham, AL - Central Alabama Paintball Park
#2 April 22-23 Kissimmee, FL
#3 June 11-12 Panama City Beach, FL
#4 July 30-31 Nashville, TN
#5 Oct 1-2 Atlanta, GA

Entry Prices and Divisions: 
Division 3 race to 4 – $800
Division 3 race to 2 – $550
Division 4 race to 4 – $750
Division 4 race to 2 – $500
Division 5 race to 2 – $450
Division 6 race to 2 (3 man) – $225

No Coaching
Race-To format (PSP Style)
All the events will be open for registration and field walking Friday prior at 2:00pm. Saturday & Sunday play typically starts at 8:30am.
All players and staff are required to be registered on an APPA roster and have a 2016 MiLP Player ID. The ID’s are available for purchase on APPA for $40 and are good for more than 50 MiLP Events this season nationwide.

All divisions pay 200% of entry value for 1st place, and 100% of entry fee for 2nd place. (If entry is $750 you can expect first place prize value to be $1500, and second place to be $750 value)
1st thru 3rd place- all divisions will receive trophies/keepsakes.



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