Fantasy sports are all the range, they keep fans engaged and add more excitement to games, so why not paintball!? Welcome in

The first incarnation of fantasy paintball was created by the PSP and PaintballAccess, at the PSP World Cup in 2013. Contestants were given a preset amount of money, and players were given an assigned value based on their overall stats. At the time, the PSP kept stats for every player, kills, points won, points the player was alive, points the player died etc.

At the moment, the NXL don’t keep stats and have no way of assigning value to players. So they had to do things a little differently. With’s version of fantasy you just pick the winning teams 🙁 Kind of boring, but they again this is the first version and we could see a more in-depth version by year’s end. If the league goes all-in on stats like the PSP had.


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