Minor League Paintball (MiLP) will host over 50 divisional events in 2016 where divisional players can experience a professional quality event without the national event price. We are bringing professional quality events to you.

Since the inception of Minor League Paintball back in 2011, we have built on our vision to provide quality and consistent tournament paintball to players on a regional basis. We are proud to announce that our nationwide affiliate program is now live! You no longer have to spend money to travel to big name events to get treated like a pro.

Sick of your entry fee going to fund prizes for other divisions? Or webcasts that don’t feature you or your team? We have partnered with some of the best promoters and companies in the industry to bring you affordable events that provide a consistent quality experience.

Pay money to play paintball, not travel where you don’t want to go. We are known for bringing the feel of a large scale national event to a regional level.

All MiLP events include the following standards and amenities:
Professional staff and referees
2016 WPBO Bunker set
Race-to format
No coaching
10.5 bps
Pits with air
Vendors and industry support
National points race
Competitive prizes: Play MiLP, get paid more when you win.
Video coverage through PbNation’s Youtube Channel

Tournament paintball is expensive enough. One MiLP ID Card allows you to play more than 50 events nationwide at local and regional events all over the country. We work with the APPA to ensure fair divisions and the opportunity to play against your peers and advance within the league. Minor League Paintball specializes in catering to you: the Divisional players.

Keep your eyes open for more to come on Minor League Paintball. We will publish our full list of 2016 events soon. Our first affiliated series are:
Adrenaline Paintball Series
Avid Extreme Series
Baltimore Paintball League
Central Florida Paintball Series
Central Paintball League (CPL)
Maximum Velocity Paintball Series

Minor League Paintball is known for local events that have a large event feel without all the traveling. This includes marker and hopper technicians on site and actual vendors. We are thrilled to be working with these companies and more in 2016:
Planet Eclipse
GI Sports
Sup Air
HK Army
Shocker Paintball

If you own a field or series and are interested in becoming a MILP partner, please contact will@milpevents.comfor more information.

If you are going to be at Paintball Extravaganza be

sure and stop by our booth and talk to me personally.

Will Lumpkin



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