The most upgraded piece of equipment in paintball are barrels. Barrels come in may different, sizes, colors and price. There are a lot of well-made paintball barrels on the market and these are some of our favorites, in no particular order. 

Dye GF Boomstick


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The GF (Glass Fiber) Boomstick is one of the most expensive barrels ever made and also one of the most complicated. The GF Boomstick is made from three different materials: glass fiber, aluminum, and stainless steel. The barrel tip is comprised of entirely aluminum, while the back is glass fiber, aluminum, and stainless steel. The back has a stainless steel sleeve that runs the length of the interior is wrapped in glass fiber and held together by aluminum.

The stainless steel is honed down to 6 microns, giving it a super smooth finish and making it one of the most precise barrels on the market.

Dye Ultralite


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The Dye Ultralite is a classic, it has been around for nearly 10 years and is still regarded as one of the best barrels on the planet. The Dye Ultralite is made from 6061 Aluminum, making it extremely durable. The Dye Ultralite has been the barrel of choice for over 10 years by paintball’s top players and enthusiasts.

GoG Freak and Freal XL Kit


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The GoG (or Smart Parts as they used to be known) Freak Kit is likely the most popular barrel ever made. The Freak Kit provides something that few barrels can: affordability and versatility. The Freak can be configured in a number of ways, whether you want a long tip different color tip or a different bore size. The Freak kit uses inserts to change the bore size of the barrel, making it considerably less money to have a variety of bore sizes in comparison to other top barrels.

Along with the original Freak kit, GoG has also released an updated version the GoG Freak XL. The Freak XL adds an additional 3 inches to the insert. For some more info take a look at the video we made comparing the Freak XL and the Freak ▶️

Deadlywind Fibur-X


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The Deadlywind Fibur-X is a carbon fiber insert ready barrel, that uses the same inserts that work with the GoG Freak Kit. The major difference between the GoG Freak Kit and the carbon fiber Fibur-X is the weight, and it makes a huge difference. The Fibur-X is only 20% of the weight of a Freak barrel. Performance is going to be nearly identical, but the weight savings is bonkers!

Inception Designs Stella Barrel


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Inception Designs make very high-quality products and their barrels are some of the best on the market. Inception Designs Stella barrels come in many variations, you can get a classic two-piece design, insert ready backs or three-piece barrels. All of the Stella barrel backs (excluding the insert ready back) come 8 inches in length, some think that for best accuracy and air efficiency the back needs to be at least 8 inches in length. One thing is for certain, there is no shortage of options with Inception Designs barrels.

Planet Eclipse Shaft FL

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Following in the footsteps of the very popular Shaft barrels Planet Eclipse is the Shaft FL. The FL is a 14.5-inch barrel, two-piece barrel. The tip is made from Carbon Fiber by another manufacturer on our list Deadlywind. Back comes in 4 sizes: .677, .681, .684 and .689. The barrel was first seen on the update to the CS1 the CS1.5 and is now found on all Planet Eclipse high-end guns like the CS2. 

Planet Eclipse Shaft 4 and 5


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One of the most popular barrels’s on the planet, by default. The Shaft 4 and Shaft 5 barrel are the same barrel they just have different milling, the Shaft 5 barrel comes stock on the CS1 while the Shaft 4 comes stock on the Geo 3.5 and LV1. While technically a stock barrel the Shaft barrel are some of the best the market, they are super high quality and different bore sizes and are very quiet.