I’ll let the Ducks press release speak for it self. It is sad to see them leave the Millennium, but VERY happy the team will continue on.

Dear friends and followers, after long consideration and many thoughts about the future, we have finally come to a conclusion.

After 16 years in the Millennium Series we have decided it is time to try something else. The team has gone through a lot of changes over the years and this year is no different. We feel like we have to start on a fresh and have therefore decided to play the CPPS in stead of the Millennium Series.

Copenhagen ducks Its not without a little bit of sadness that we have made this decision, but we feel its the right thing to do.

We are extremely happy to have acquired a spot in the Elite division in the CPPS. The top UK paintball league. We have followed the league on the sidelines, since we played an event there in 2012. And we are really impressed with the way the league runs and the development the league have gone through the last years. We look forward to compete along side many top european teams, and enjoy ourselves on and off the field. First event in April can’t come quick enough.

We are extremely blessed with good and loyal sponsors, that are willing to back us up in the new adventure. Without them we couldn’t put it all together.

Thank you all for all the support!

Source: Facebook.com/CPHDUCKS


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