Dye has picked up another team, this time Green Bay Boom. Last year Boom was head to toe Empire, we assume because of the GI Sportz acquisition of KEE, the decision was made to not pick up the team in 2016.

Last year Dye sponsored only with head to toe sponsorship, the Ironmen. Dye so far have three teams competing in the Professional NXL division, could we see more by weekend?

Dye also has picked up Baltimore Revo for the 2016 and 2017 season.

“We are excited to team up with one of the longest running paintball companies. Dye offers some of the most reliable gear on the market, like the M2 marker, their I4 goggles, and the R2 Loader. We feel these products will give us an advantage as we strive to improve our position in the league this year. We’ve been working very hard and we’re thankful for the opportunity that Dye has provided us with and look forward to the NXL season to get started.”

Chris Jansen, Owner/Player Green Bay Boom

Source: Dye Paintball


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