After finishing in the middle of the pack for the last two seasons in the Millennium CPL division, GK Paris will be calling it quits. Below is a translation of a post the team made to their Facebook page.

Dear friends,

It’s not without some bitterness that we are announcing team GK Paris is no longer competing in National and European paintball championships.

The season 2015 has ended with mixed fortunes. We knew that challenging the top CPL teams would required more dedications, sacrifices and hard work, especially for non-professional players like us. But internal contradictions, difference of opinions and lack of self-analysis in our very own core have killed the motivation of our most courageous members.

Since we couldn’t go any further together, it was time for GK Paris to take a bow.

Even though we are now walking different paths, 2 ex-founder members of GK Paris, Clément Fourage and Baptiste Giger, are still remaining in the CPL and LNP competitions. They joined another team and we are sincerely wishing them all the best.

As for the remaining founder members, we will keep GK Paris spirit alive by keeping on training hard as we always did. In the future, you might see us competing again but in non-professional competitions or private tournaments.

As sad as this conclusion can be, we are still proud of the journey we took and all the friends we made along the way. We didn’t achieve much but we tried our best, with all our heart and sweat. We never lost sight that only hard work and discipline can bring one to the top.

Anyway, we want to thank everyone who gave us support and helped us for those 6 past years:

GI Sportz & Gregory Praud

Drom & Kevin Coulm

Coach Hamelin, Coach Giger & Coach Trinh

Our pit members: Vinie, Camille and all the friends who gave us a hand

Eastwood paintball & Miguel Melendo

PB94 & Bruno Lemaire, Patrice Guigou & William from Pac

PCP & Guillaume Vuaflar & Thomas Lacombe

Artsquad & Rémi Lacombe

The WTS league & Romain Jolit

The FPS, all the marshals & staff

Last but not least:

Thanks to our family, friends and fans for the love, you guys gave us the strength to fight against the best! Cheers to all our past opponents, thank you for the challenges and the experience!

See you soon,

GK Paris


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