Indian Creek Design is back! After nearly 7 years of absence from the paintball community, ICD are showing off a new paintball gun, the PRP Pump. The PRP is a Nelson based pop valve pump gun, much like the Spyder Hammer 7 or CCI Phantom. Nelson based guns have been popular for nearly 30 years, because they are reliable, simple and fairly inexpensive to manufacture due to there limited number of parts. The PRP will also feature a “fall-away hinged receiver” for filed stripping and the best part its Autococker threads!

I really like the look of the gun, it is taking the Nelson based guns into the future, although it does remind me a lot of the Bob Long MVP.

At launch the PRP will only be available in black. At this stage ICD will be taking pre-orders for $499.95.

ICD is likely best know for there Bushmaster paintball guns and possible one of their more recent guns the Freestyle.

More as the story develops.