Ryan Greenspan will no longer be playing with the Polar Bears in the Millennium Series. Greenspan and Oliver Lang for the past two years have both been playing with the Polar Bears in the Millennium Series and with San Diego Dynasty in the NXL/PSP. Greenspan sated that the team was looking to go with an all Russian team rather than bring in players like Greenspan and Lang. It is unclear whether Lang will be playing with the Polar Bears for the 2016 season, but if the team is going to go with an all Russian team it looks like he will not be.

For the 2016 Greenspan will be headed to the ML Kings, with current Dynasty players Kyle Spicka. Last year the Dynasty Players, Brandon Short, Dalton Vanderbyl and Kyle Spicka, this year it sounds like they will only be moving forward with Spicka and Greenspan. The ML Kings are a very solid team with the Dynasty guys and without. This past year the Kings came over two the NXL World Cup and ended up taking 2nd place in the Semi-Pro division with only ML Kings players.


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