It’s been a rumor for over 6 months and now it is finally official there will be a Twstr CS1. Coming fresh off the heels of the extremely popular LV1 and Autococker Twstrs, Committed Paintball is bring us the Twstr CS1.

The Planet Eclipse Twstr series is a pretty neat idea, you get a very limited gun that has custom milling from the manufacture. That means that Committed didn’t have the bodies milled by a 3rd party, the guns were milled by Planet Eclipse, thus ensuring the highest quality.

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Hurry over to and pick up one of the 210 before they are all gone!

Since 1992 Boston Paintball Supply has consistently provided its customers with the best Paintball markers possible. They have never failed to deliver to their customers exactly what they demanded in terms of performance and aesthetics.

In 1998 Boston Paintball Supply revolutionized the Paintball Industry with the advent of the Twister Autococker. This was the paramount of aesthetic milling as it showed the world just what can and would be done with the right technical know-how and the willingness to marry imagination with skill.

Fast forward to 2013: Paintball is a different place. Times and tastes have changed, but there was a Sleeping Giant. Boston Paintball Supply teamed with Planet Eclipse to release the Twister LV1 Ego; showing the world that where there is a will there is a way, and allowing players to own a Paintball Marker that was as much a statement as it was a tool for winning.

In 2015 Boston Paintball Supply resurrected the hallowed Twister Autococker; proving once again, that to many, style and heritage are as important as function and substance. The world stood up and took notice as the term “Factory Custom” began to mean something again.

Now, in 2016, Boston Paintball Supply in a collaboration with Planet Eclipse once again redefines what is capable with determination, skill, and imagination: The Twister CS1. Beautifully milled; its design at once evokes the lines of classic hot rods and far flung Science Fiction. Like any dream, the Twister CS1 is fleeting: only 210 will be made, and then they will go into history.

Like the Autococker and the LV1’s before it that proudly bore the name “Twister;” the Twister CS1’s are each tuned and optimized for performance. Each is lovingly assembled, checked, tested, and tuned by people that know and understand the platform. You are buying more than just a simple Paintball Marker; you are buying into a tradition of pride of production, pride of performance, pride of aesthetics, and pride of ownership.

The TWSTR CS1 is limited to 210 TOTAL MARKERS in 60+ Colorways & featuring 3-axis 3D contoured “Twister” body-wrapped milling reducing the overall weight of the marker, paired with exclusive color combos to add an aggressive and unique marker profile.

On the performance side, Committed Paintball’s in-house tech team has (through months of on field testing) developed the “XCII Tuning Package” which includes a custom Splash Screen, Debris Plug, as well as further refinement of the stock settings (electronic values as well as mechanical adjustments) to ensure a true custom experience for each owner right out of the box and right to the field with no adjustments needed.

For the prestige, each marker will include a Boston Paintball Certificate of Authenticity, which will certify not only this is an official custom product verified by our build team, but will also record the original owner’s name, factory serial number and edition number in our master database (only accessible by other custom BP Marker owners) for warranty & security purposes and more importantly…. bragging rights.

In typical Planet Eclipse fashion you will find your TWSTR CS-1 well protected in an Aluminum Zip-case with a full color Operators Manual, Eclipse Hex Key Kit, Barrel Bag, Shaft5 Barrel system w/ PRO Tip, Eclipse Lubricant and Spare Parts Kit to keep your marker in tip-top shape.

…..and as with every custom Committed Paintball marker the original owner will receive LIFETIME FREE LABOR at any Boston Paintball retail location plus you’ll find a Boston Paintball Sticker Sheet tucked away in your zip-case.
The perfect balance of Innovation/Performance/Style for only $1795.

Only available @ or any Boston Paintball Retail Location.


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