Dear Paintball Community,
In my 10 years of competing at the professional level some of my favorite moments have come from teaching paintball. I truly enjoy watching people improve knowing I assisted their growth. I’m grateful that I have the ability to help others reach their goals in this sport. Teaching paintball is something I have always wished I could do more of but unfortunately I am limited by time.

So I was sitting there one day thinking of ideas and lightbulb.. Writing has always been a passion of mine and I feel I express myself best through a well thought out message. This sparked an idea; about 6 months ago I decided to write an e-book. In this e-book my focus is to make the reader instantly become a smarter player. Anyone can go out and drill relentlessly until their fundamentals are up to par but it takes years of actual tournament experience to understand what needs to be done on the paintball field in order to win. At the end of the day thats why we compete; we compete to win.

This book is meant to give you all the information to break down different situations, understand your position, and learn how to win at the highest level. A high paintball IQ is only acquired after years of experience in the pro ranks paired with relentless work and the constant pursuit of mastering the game. In Paintball IQ I break everything down in a very simplistic, easy-to-read, informative book that will jump start your growth and instantly put you in position to be a more effective player. I have taken my 16+ years of paintball experience and found a way to pass it along to the masses. If you’re interested in becoming a better player, then don’t hesitate to do the work. Get started with Paintball IQ.

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“The goal of this book is to teach you how to think on the paintball field so a note before we get into to this: though mechanics and form are important, most of the time we will be spending here we’ll be talking about the mental aspects of the game. Some of the themes here will be repeated for different situations and this repetition is intentional. Repetition is how you learn. To be clear: the themes in this book are mindset, composure, focus, attention, communication and awareness. Notice how these themes are not snap-shooting, running and shooting, and accuracy.

Anyone can learn, and learn quickly, how to hold your gun, how to run and shoot, all the important and essential physical elements of paintball. It may take time and many reps, but eventually you will be able feel comfortable. But the physical form of a player is not the most important element that factors into winning, not even close. The mental approach, the wisdom of the game, is the most crucial thing that decides who wins and who loses during a paintball match. And the further you go up the ranks, as you move up divisions, it becomes more and more a game fought in your mind. The players with the highest paintball IQ, which stands for “intelligence quotient”, will prevail most often. Remember this above all else: We’re playing Chess out there, not Checkers.”

– Marcello Margott