Dye excited everyone on the internet last night with their new Dye Throttle UL compressed air tank. Dye is calming that the tank “the lightest mid-size tank in the world”. The 1.2L (73ci) tank comes in at 1.56 lbs, thats light but we don’t know if that is with or without a regulator

It is also rumored that the bottle will be consorted on carbon fiber and stainless steel.

Stainless steel would be a pretty cool change as tanks have been made with Aluminum for some time now.

Our one concern however is that Safer is making the bottle. Safer has never made a tank that complies with the USA or Canada, DOT and PI safety standards. Dye says that the tank will be coming to the North America but gives not time table when it will be available.

We will likely get some more information at the upcoming Paintball Extravaganza event next month.

Exclusive Cooperation With SaferDYE signs an exclusive partnership with Safer, will launch Ultralite Air Systems, one of the lightest mid-size tank in the world.
Full release: www.dyepaintball.eu/de/blogs/blog/exclusive-cooperation-with-safer/
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Posted by DYE Europe on Monday, January 25, 2016


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