In an effort to unify paintball around the world, the WPBO released the new “W” bunker replacing the Race in the NXL, the M in the Millennium and the A for the PALS.

So far there been virtually nothing but hate and disdain for the new monstrosity, it is a huge waste of space.

The idea behind its hugeness is that it will better aid in making the points 5 on 5, and not getting players shot of the break. In other words the WPBO thinks that, shooting off the break is a skill that has ruined the game.

The most concerning part about that whole thing is that this (hopefully) had to have been run by multiple people. Seriously who looked at this thing and decided it would be a good idea? It ugly and blocks off about half the field. There will literally be no center play anymore, unless it is at the “W”.

This is going to be big test for the NXL and the WPBO. The NXL was supposedly created because “Pro” players were upset with the way the NXL was being run. Players were not getting a voice in rule changes and venue locations, thus the NXL was created for the players. I can’t remember a time when people were this upset about a change to any league. I’m hoping that the NXL/WBPO listens to its customers and makes changes accordingly.

What a joke! We are now playing behind giant evil villain mustache bunkers courtesy of the new governing body of our league. I just imagine a room filled with a bunch of Terrance and Phillip characters bobbling around drawing squiggly lines with pencils and one person shouts in excitement, “IVE FIGURED IT OUT!! WE’VE REVOLUTIONIZED PAINTBALL!!” Just when i thought our sport was moving in the right direction they attempt to be clever and create a new monstrosity to represent the WPBO – Ryan Greenspan


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