For nearly a decade Montressor has been one of paintballs best back players. Last year was down year for Tim, playing for one of the most stacked teams in the history of paintball can have that effect though. This year he will be venturing into new waters, with players that he has battled for most of his career.

Tampa Bay Damage, will be good this year. They have added a stellar back player in Montressor and Chad Busiere is back with the team.

Tim had this to say

“I am excited to play with Tampa Bay Damage for the 2016 season. I have been good friends with Jason Edwards since our time together on the Philly Americans and have competed against most of the Damage guys since they were on Strange, so the team change makes lots of sense. Damage has consistently been one of the top teams in the league for several years and I am hoping to help contribute to their success in any way possible.”


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