Up util now the CXBL have been there own thing, sticking with the original x-ball style of 15BPS and halves with no mercy rules.

In the NXL’s and Millennium’s attempt to try and unify paintball to a world wide standard set of rules the NXL has partnered with the CXBL (Canadian XBall League).

Although reading the press release below it looks like the CXBL will be not using the 10.2 BPS that the NXL is using and opting from something different. What that is we still don’t know as the CXBL has yet to announce anything.

Since NAX, the committee of the CXBL has bee tirelessly working behind the scenes to improve the CXBl and bring you the largest and most spectacular tournament in Canada.

After all, as committed players to the League, you deserve it!

Leading up to, during and since the NXL World Cup event, the manufacturers, the business owners and brethren of paintball have been in long discussions about the state of tournament speedball and how to secure a plan for the longevity of our sport.

The talks have hailed some positive movement for players and teams and the CXBL will benefit and flourish in this new direction.

In the coming weeks, teams will be provided with in-depth information about the updated changes to the league. We are pleased to inform you of the main points of these changes.

  • The CXBL is the exclusive affiliated league for the NXL in Canada.
  • Tom Cole is the commissioner of the CXBL in 2016.
  • The CXBL is please to announce that participation earns overall series points in the NXL.
  • More sponsors and at-event trade.

In addition, the CXBL is proud to be a part of the movement to World Unification for paintball through rules, format and refereeing.

  • The CXBL will be using the NXL rule book in 2016. There will be a CXBL addendum.
  • The BPS will be amended to the unified rule book.
  • The protected colors will be amended to the unified rule book.

The CXBL will continue to provide players with world class facilities, high performance tournament paintballs, professionally designed league jerseys and overall finals.

The committee and its delegates are excited about this coming season and we expect that these changes will excite teams and players, too.

We request that you remain patient while the specific information and rule book addendum is rolled out to teams, If you have any specific questions, please email joey (joey@cxbl.ca).

New and up to date information will be posted to the www.CXBL.com website and to Facebock (www.fb.com/TheCXBL).

The CXBL, “making good players great!


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