Bending frame on todays super light and slim paintball guns isn’t anything new. Over the past 6 years of so it has become a common scene at paintball fields all over the world. Making these guns lighter and smaller has it drawbacks the major one being, rigidity. Taking hard diving or dropping a gun just right can bend the frame, the weakest point on a modern high-end electronic gun.

Today at the paintball field, we ran across this. We have heard of this happening but never actually seen it in person today. The player took a pretty hard dive and bad the front of the frame bent. The type of fall may have been a lot of todays guns.

We have gotten word for Eclipse that they are aware of the problem and all future guns will have a stronger mounting point and for the most part the problem should be fixed.

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  1. Storm

    Whoever writes these needs a lesson in basic English comprehension and grammar. Im looking at you brad. I mean “the type of fall may have been a lot of today’s guns”? “We have gotten word for eclipse”? Sack this guy, ill do his job for free just so people can actually read and fully comprehend the articles you put out.


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